Escola Politécnica da USP

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Início Research

Engineering at society’s service

Research at Escola Politécnica of the Universidade de São Paulo
supports the Brazilian industrial development

Traditional Brazilian engineering school, ever since its foundation in 1893, the Escola Politécnica (Poli/USP) has been dedicated to meet the most different demands in science and technology. Located in the State of São Paulo, one of the richest and most developed states in Brazil, the institution was established at a time when industrialization demanded qualified professionals to deal with the modernization of the productive processes and to provide solutions based on the emerging technologies of the time.

The Escola Politécnica historical trend to devote its research to the solution of society’s problems, and its partnership with the industry, is still witnessed today, by means of the more than 150 agreements and contracts with corporations and industries. The institution researchers’ efforts encompass from basic research into engineering sciences up to applied research and development, and are a reference to Brazilian engineering.

Research at Poli/USP is far-reaching and comprehends different fields of engineering knowledge, involving the great Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Chemical Engineering areas, along with their specializations.


Learn about the research teams at Escola Politécnica:


Agricultural Automation Laboratory

Applied Nanotechnology - Fine Film Applications

Automation of Electric Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution

Biochemical Engineering


Biomedical Engineering Laboratory

Bioprocess Engineering Team (GEnBio)

Building Systems Engineering

CILIP - Center of Innovation in Logistics and Ports Infrastructure.


Computing Mechanics Laboratory

Computing Monitoring and Hydraulics

Computing Technology for Civil Construction

Concrete Paving

Concrete Structure Modeling Team

Control and Automation Systems

Cooperation and Knowledge Management Network REDECOOP

Digital Signal Processing -LCS/LPS/EPUSP

Dynamic and Control of Ocean Systems

Dynamics and Fluids Center

Electrochemistry and Material Corrosion

Environmental and Biomedical Engineering Laboratory

Environmental Planning and Risk Management in Extractive Industries

Experimental Dynamic Analysis of Structures

Fabrication Processes - Fabrication Engineering Laboratory

Fire Design Safety

GEM - Molecular Electronics Team

GEPEA/EPUSP - Power Team of the Department of Electric Power and Automation Engineering

GIGA - Team of Investigation into Geomatics Applied to Engineering

High TemperatureProcesses and High-Power Milling

Information Technology Management - GTI

Integrated Electronic System Design and Applied Software

Integrated Sensors and Microsystems

Intelligent Techniques Laboratory

Interactive Electronic Means

InterLab - Interactive Technologies Laboratory

Laboratory of Architecture and High Performance Computing

Laboratory of Fluid-Structure Interaction and Offshore Mechanics (LIFE&MO)

Laboratory of Knowledge Engineering (KNOMA)

Laboratory of Risk Analysis, Assessment and Management (LabRisco)

LADIN - Laboratory of Dynamics and Instrumentation

Languages and Adaptative Technologies Laboratory

LARC - Laboratory of Architecture and Computer Networks

Legal Engineering, Forensic Science and Technology

Lignocellulosic Material, Paper and Pulp

LMAG-Applied Electromagnetism Laboratory

LOOPIn - Optimization and Integrated Design Laboratory

LPT / EPUSP - Transportation Planning and Operation Laboratory

LSI - Cognitive Computing

LSI - Surfaces, Interfaces and Electrochemical Deposition Team (GSIDE)

LSI Monolithic Pressure and Hybrid Integrated Microsystems /EPUSP

Machine Design

Materials for Advanced Applications


Mechatronics - Modeling, Control and Decision

Methods and Technology Transfer in Geoprocessing, Geodesy and Cartography

Microfabrication and MEMS Team

Microstructures for Sensors and Actuators of the Integrated Systems Laboratory

Microwave, Millimeter Wave and Optoelectronics

Mining and Georreferenced Systems Integrated Management

New Materials and Device Team

Ocean Structures

Open Systems Laboratory - LSA

Operation Management and Logistics Center

Ore Treatment

Particulate Raw Materials and Non-Metallic Solids Laboratory

Paving Technology

Pervasive Computing and High Performance

Power Electronics and Static Converters

Product Quality and Engineering - QEP

Production Economics and Finance Engineering

Production Technology and Management in Civil Construction

Real Estate Center

Safety Analysis Team

Self-Reduction and Fusion-Reduction

Sensors and Actuators

Signal Processing and Medical Images

SISEA - Laboratory of Alternative Power Systems

Software Development Center

Solids Mechanics and Impact on Structures

Statistic Methods Applied to Industrial Engineering

Structure Dynamics, Stability and Control

Study of the Foundations of Food Engineering

Surface Phenomena Laboratory

Team of Advanced Recording Technologies for Nano-, Micro- and Meso-Systems

Team of Computational Intelligence, Modeling and Electronic Neurocomputing - ICONE-EPUSP

Team of Research into Cooling, Air Conditioning and Thermal Comfort

Team of Studies into Work, Technology and Organization

Technological Characterization of Mineral Feedstock


Thermal and Mechanical Separation Laboratory

TPN - Numerical Test Tank

Unsaturated Soils

Urban Engineering and Planning - URB

Welding and Junction


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