Escola Politécnica da USP

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Início International Disciplines/Courses offered to exchange students

Disciplines offered to exchange students


Non-degree exchange students must choose the disciplines from the 5º period onwards. For the disciplines offered in 5º; 7º and 9º periods (odd semester), the classes start on February/March and finish in June. For the disciplines offered in 6º; 8º and 10º periods (even semester), the classes start in August and finish in December.

The discipline code offered by Poli always starts with "P" (for example, PMT3402), so please choose only those disciplines. To know the day of the week and the time of the discipline, please, click on the link of the discipline you have chosen (for example, PMT3402) and then go to "clique para consultar o oferecimento de PMT3402”, then you will have all the details.

The course schedule for upcoming semesters will be published only a few months before the semester starts. If you want to know which courses are held, you can also check the course schedule of past semesters. The offer of courses is different in Summer Semester (February/March to June) and Winter Semester (August to December), but normally from year to year the general offer of courses will not change much.

We cannot guarantee registration in disciplines starting with a different code; those are offered by others Faculties in USP.