Escola Politécnica da USP

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Início International Application Procedure

Application Procedure


Application Instructions: Required Documents

poli-io-application-documents • Escola Politécnica of USP Application Form duly filled, signed in and stamped;
 • CURRICULUM VITAE, of the candidate, in Portuguese or English (1-2 pages), consisting photo, full name (name middle name(s) and surname), e-mail; date and place of birth, home address, contact phone number. Do not forget to mention distinctions, participation in Olympiads and contests and prizes, scholarships (need date of duration), professional and academic experiences and participation in social and civic projects. [NB: This document should be signed by the candidate].
 • STATEMENT OF PURPOSE/MOTIVATION LETTER (in Portuguese or English). The main objective of this paper is justifying the reason for choosing the Escola Politécnica da USP to perform the exchange program [NB: This document should be signed by the candidate].
 • PROFESSIONAL PLAN/PROFESSIONAL PROJECT, (in Portuguese or in English – 1 or 2 pages) of the candidate. The candidate must write his personal project in order to justify your choice to conduct part of their studies in Brasil, putting in question the previous studies and demonstrating the benefits for your future career. [NB: This document should be signed by the candidate].
 • ONE RECOMMENDATION LETTER, (in Portuguese or English) custom (letterhead), signed, highlighting the academic and scientific excellence of the candidate and his/her personal qualities. Every major element of the candidate with respect to the rest of the class is extremely important.
 • STAMPED AND OFFICIAL TRANSCRIPT OF RECORDS, issued by your home university. This document needs to highlight the academic path that the candidate is attending (from the start of his/her undergraduate course) and include the name of the disciplines, as well as the amount of credits and results of the candidate.
 • Learning Agreement
 • Proof of Health Insurance (if available).
 • Photocopy of passport or identity card.

Learning Agreement and Study Requirements for Non-Degree Incoming Students

Your study plan is established and endorsed by your home University, which issues and signs your Learning Agreement. Your study plan must then be officially accepted and endorsed by the course coordinator at Poli. The Learning Agreement must contain at least a total of 12 credits per semester or at least 3 disciplines/courses offered and taught in/by Poli.

Changes to the initial Learning Agreement

Please note that we cannot guarantee your registration to all disciplines proposed in your Learning Agreement because the places in some courses are limited. Any course changes can be made one/two weeks after the beginning of the classes.