Escola Politécnica da USP

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Início Academic Programs

Poli offers 3 modalities of academic exchange to the undergraduate program

Graduate students, in turn, go on exchange by means of co-advisory between a
professor of the institution of origin and an Escola Politécnica professor

Overall, up to 2011, Poli sent about 1100 students on exchange programs abroad, and hosted over 400 foreign students. Learn about the academic exchange programs offered to undergraduate students.

Double Degree
Established by an agreement between the institutions, in this program students will be granted a degree by Poli/USP and by the foreign institution at which they go on exchange. All the disciplines have automatic equivalence and are added to their scholar curricula. Students have to undergo a selection process, and may be granted a scholarship, besides being exempted from paying the institution annual fees.

Use of credits
In this program, students choose one of the Poli or USP partner institutions, and undergo a selection process. Due to the agreement between the institutions, students do not pay the school fees, and are supported by the International Relations Commission for making contact with the target institution. This program great differential is that students can choose the disciplines they want to take abroad, ask to use the credits and the equivalence of the disciplines taken at the foreign education institution.

Open Exchange
The great advantage of this program is that students may choose the foreign education institution and the disciplines they want to take. If the foreign education institution does not have an agreement with Poli or USP in this modality, students will not be exempted from the university fees. Students are also incumbent with making the first contacts with the institution chosen, and with providing the documentation required for admission.

Graduate Programs
The graduate programs account for the exchange at this level, which are conducted by means of co-advisory. For example, the Escola Politécnica counts on a double degree agreement with the Imperial College, in London. The agreement includes the Graduate Program in Mechanical Engineering, at doctorate level, and the future inclusion of other programs concerning this modality is foreseen.


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