Escola Politécnica da USP

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Início About us

An institution acknowledged for its tradition and modernity

With about 120 years of tradition and modernity, words that define its innovative and leadership profile, the Escola Politécnica is regarded by the Times Higher Education as the best engineering teaching institution in Latin America.

17 undergraduate courses are offered, grouped into four large engineering areas: Civil, Electric, Mechanical and Chemical. Escola Politécnica has approximately 4,000 students enrolled in 11 graduate programs, besides its 13 specialization courses and 12 MBA courses. There are over 100 research groups.

Besides being an excellent higher education institution, acknowledged for knowledge generation and innovation in Engineering, Poli/USP also stands out for its internationalization proposal. There are 29 double degree agreements executed with institutions in several countries, and 58 programs with engineering schools.

Check the Escola Politécnica numbers:

458 professors
492 employees
4565 undergraduate students
2235 graduate students

23 double degree agreements (Germany, France, Italy and Portugal)
50 agreements for accepting credits in 21 countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

About 152 agreements and contracts with companies.


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